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Multi Stack System

Dimensions: 1000mm (H) x 1200mm (W) x 1000mm (D)

  • Designed to fully encapsulate the pallet load and protect thermally from heat loss or gain. Comprises of a rugged and high efficiency insulated base, top and side wrap which folds away into a 250mm high box.
  • Often used within logistics environments when moving temperature controlled pharmaceuticals / perishables. Expected to last many years in tough environments.
  • Able to keep products within a required temperature range for many hours if used effectively. Supplied with ID tags and security lugs for customs and security use. Available in branded colours, or in silver to protect against direct sunlight.
  • External surface material: Cotton coated PVC
  • Internal lining material: Cotton coated PVC
  • Insulation material: Patented Polartherm material
  • Insulation thickness: 45mm
  • Std External dimensions (can be specified): width: 1200mm height: 1000mm depth: 1000mm
  • Std Internal dimensions (can be specified): 1150mm height: 950mm depth: 950mm
  • Material fixing type: Velcro
  • Cold life without opening: Using a container of water/product, equivalent to 5% of the internal volume of the insulated cover. Then subjecting it to an ambient temperature 20-25?C warmer than the product, the results show that the rate of temperature increase was on average less than 0.7?C per hour.
  • (Based on independent tests from Cambridge Refrigeration Technology - copies of results available on request)
  • Thermal Conductance: 1.01 ? 0.1
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.05 ? 0.005
  • All products are waterproof, have rot proof stitching and are antifungal.
Multi Stack System
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